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Product Features:
Corset with skirt/tutu
The string on the back is adjustable, please try to adjust it to be more fit for your body
Waist Training Corset Perfect for wearing as a shapewear corset or showing it off for some cosplay fun.
This fashion corset is widely used in wedding, Christmas party, clubbing, cosplay, stage performance, intimate or naughty occasions. Skirt or any other type of slim-fitting pants will be great with a corset.

Why Buy Corset?
Perfect for wearing under as shape-wear corset or use it in some cos-play.
Recommended for post-partum and weight lose. Correct postures.
Provides waist and baúl control.

How to wear a tight lacing corset.
It might be helpful to have assistance the first time you try on your corset but don’t worry with a little practice they are easy to put ion by yourself.
1. Loosen the corset by undoing the centre loops and pulling the back of corset apart 6-7″ but don’t undo the laces at the bottom of the corset.
2. Undo the front busks and put the corset around you – just like you are putting on a belt.
3. Fasten the front bust starting at the top and work towards, make sure loops are fastened.
4. Gently pull the centre loops to the tighten your corset .

Corsets must be worn-in gently; if you tighten them up too much too quickly it can damage the corset. When you first put your corset on pull the lacing so it fits comfortably and snug but not too tight, after a while you should feel that the material has stretched slightly/your body has got used to the fit, so you will be able to tighten some more, this could happen a few times until you have it at its tightest fit. If you follow these instructions your corset should last a long while

El corsé es una de las prendas más femeninas que hay. Su estructura está diseñada para señalar las curvas de la mujer, realzar los senos y ingresar una figura my bella. .
Permite la compresión ventral y abecedario lumbar para abacorar su espalda durante el adiestramiento.
90% Poliéster, 10% Elastano
Máquina de aseo en frío, ciclo suave. No usa blanqueador. Usar secadora baja o línea seca o seca y limpia
Cuidados: Lavar a mano con agua fría. Utilizar jabón neutro. No utilizar lejía. Rasgar sin retorcer. Planchar sólo las partes no elásticas
Aquí te presentamos tu mejor elección: un modelo de Corset con tanga con Falda
Inconcreto glamour, sensualidad y elegancia


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